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Kitchen Accessories

Scented Candle Kitchen Lab

Product code: 600.0091
A candle with fragrance oil; with added spearmint essential oil in a glass. Weight: 160ml. Burn time: 30 hours
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If you like…creating a calm atmosphere at home, then, the particular candle is what you need. With an original and subtle scent, it will manage to become your home’s classic scent right from the first use.

Did you cook and you want to cover the smell? This particular candle will help you do that. All you have to do is to make it a part of your home’s decoration, light it, and enjoy the unique fresh scent that will fill the atmosphere.

It is a special scented candle which fills the air with a subtle aroma and helps you relax in no time! Perfect for any time of the day and for any space – even for the office!

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