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Peeler, General Purpose

Product code: 200.00161
Peeler, General Purpose with a special brush for regular cleaning.Diam.16cm
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Did you know that peelers help you save your fruit? How? By removing the peel and not the flesh. In that way, all of the fruit’s juicy flesh ends up on your plate and not in the trash.

This tool is of high quality, very durable and save to use. Of course, you must use it carefully and only for the purpose for which it was made.

Maybe you’re used to peeling fruits and vegetables with a knife. When you try this tool, then you’ll use the knife for the reason it was made for: cutting and not peeling! In addition, you should know that by using a peeler you can cut very thin slices to make chips and take your salad or fruit salad to a whole new level!

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