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What makes cooking so popular nowadays? Probably the fact that it combines two of the most basic things in our lives so perfectly – food and entertainment. While food is the result that comes from cooking, entertainment can be the result of both. What does this mean? Very simply that it can entertain you, not only by enjoying the dish but also by creating it! Yes the joy of cooking is undoubtedly hidden in the ingredients, the tastes and the aromas that fill your kitchen. But it is also hidden in all the things that are involved in bringing about a good result – the raw materials, the kitchenware and appliances, even those strange little gadgets that make your (cooking) life so much easier.

For this exact reason, I decided to put together some of my most favorite things and share them with you. These are non-other than my books, my scrumptious cookies as well as some “smart” products that can change the way you see cooking! Small, everyday things that you can take with you when you go out shopping, when you are in the kitchen or while you are preparing a dinner for your loved ones. Once these little things find their way into your life, you wonder how you ever got along without them! You can find all of these things at this “spot” from now on and it will become you new favorite hotspot that you can use to equip your kitchen, make cooking and prepping food easier, make your table and the serving of your dishes more beautiful and fill your guests and loved ones with gifts… and yourself too! Don’t waste any time! Take a look at all of the products on the “shelves” and make great finds among them. All your choices can find their way to you with just one “click” (well, ok maybe not just one) quickly and easily. Finally, if you want to enrich your knowledge and techniques in cooking, check out the “Seminars”. Book a spot for you and your friends and come by so that we can meet in person! Together we will transform cooking into an art and make all the things that may seem difficult or may confuse you when you get into your kitchen – simple! No one is born a great cook but everyone can become one, as long as someone shows you the way to pour your soul into everything that you create.

This is actually the most important ingredient for a great recipe: the soul of the person who creates it – ok and some helpful tips that can make it turn out perfect ;-) 

Welcome to my world - a world full of aromas, flavors and “smart” accessories, inspired by (good) food and all that surrounds it!